As you may have read in my previous posts, I am doing the Early to Rise March Challenge with Money Saving Mom. Today is Day Five of the challenge and here's my recap.

Yesterday was a success! I woke up at 6 am and was out of bed by 6:04 am. I settled into my comfy spot and was able to read my ETR and 40 Day Prayer Challenge Daily Readings. I was able to cook and eat breakfast at home (a feat that rarely happens), and spend time praying. What Andy says in the book is true. I felt like a success before I even left my apartment! That feeling of accomplishment allowed me to enter my day feeling positive and confident that I could tackle my day.

Today was two steps back. I snoozed until 6:50 am. I didn't prep lunch or breakfast last night, which meant I had to do both this morning. If Monday's challenge was such a success, why couldn't I duplicate the effect today? Well, I did not go to bed on time. Just as he mentions in the book, going to bed on time is key to waking up early. I was up late for a good cause (helping my mom buy her plane ticket to DC!) but I could have handled it earlier in the day so as not to affect my sleep pattern. I was using the internet and doing everything but trying to sleep while in bed. I will say that I had a pretty emotional evening so I slacked off on my night time ritual. I've learned that doing that is a no-no! One thing that is helpful is installing an alarm on your phone that tells you when it's time to go to bed. I have one. And it is sounding off! On that note (yawn), it's time for me to start preparing for bed. Tomorrow, I will win!!! Now, pray it snows so I can get the day off :) Good night y'al

What do you do when loved ones want to text/talk/etc. during the time you are preparing for bed or in bed?

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