Greetings blog followers and readers. I have had an extended absence from La Mia Passione due to my busy summer. Summer this year included two trips home to visit family. That was followed by my first international mission trip to Honduras and a trip to Virginia Beach! This fall I am excited to get back to writing, and I cannot wait to tell you all about my adventures! But first things's what's currently on my mind. Today I had the rare luck of being able to squeeze in two health appointments in one day, and in so doing I was able to take the day off. This morning I had an appointment bright and early with the Sleep Center to talk about how I have been doing with my weight loss and CPAP Use. My CPAP use is up...and sadly so is my weight. I've gained 3 pounds since my last visit to be precise. That probably does not sound like much, but for someone who's goal is to lose weight and say goodbye to the CPAP machine forever, those 3 pounds were discouraging.