Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
We have all heard the adage "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."...but how many of us live it on a daly basis? I for one can say, not me! As I mentioned in my previous post, I have never been an early riser (unless you count nghtly unplanned awakenings at 3 am). That being said, there is something about the early morning hours that is attractive to me. I would love to be awake to watch the sunrise, have time for meditation, prayer, and yoga to get myself centered before the hustle and bustle of the day. A few years ago, I was the coffee gal at my previous church. I had to arrive early to get everything set up so that my fellow church goers could enjoy a cup of joe before the service. Thankfully, I lived in walking distance to the church, which was helpful. Though it was a constant struggle to peel myself from the bed, I enjoyed the serenity of an early Sunday mornng walk. Most times, it felt like the world was all mine. The streets were so quiet and I could be alone with my thoughts on the walk to church. I think this is how my love of walking started.

I want to feel that feeling again - that the world is all mine, and have time to sit in stillness, read, and pray before I have to deal with some rambunctious teens! This is my motivation for joining Money Saving Mom's Early to Rise Challenge. The basis of the challenge is simple. Set a realistic time to wake up each morning that is earlier than usual in order to make the most of your day. I decided that my weekday rise time will be 6 am. This is reasonable goal that allows for "me-time" before work. On the weekends my early rise time will be 8 am. Let's face it. I lost the ability to "marathon sleep" years ago. So I'll probably wake up naturally around that time, but I do want to feel like my weekend is a treat, so I will allow myself to sleep in just a little. I will be reading the book, Early to Rise by Andy Traub, and committing to these early rising hours for the month of March. If all goes well, it can become a regular thing. They say it takes a month to build a habit, so I want to build a great one. With working full-time and a burgeoning side hustle, I need my hours to be as productive as possible! I'm excited. Let's go! Allons-y!! VAMOS!!! On that note, I'm going to bed...early! :)

Are you interested in the Early Rise Challenge? If so, you can sign up at www.moneysavingmom.com for her daily updates. The ebook is available for only $4.99 and can be purchased here until Friday. The great thing is that the ebook comes with an audio book, and you can opt-in to the 30 days of encouragement emails. The book will also be provided in all formats, which means it is accesible on all devices. What are some good habits that you would like to foster this year?

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