I have been overcome with grief recently with the upcoming Father's Day holiday. It is difficult to watch all of the commercials and advertisements for Father's Days gifts and showing your dad you appreciate him. I cannot even open my email, watch the news, or look at the paper for all the ads screaming "buy this for your awesome dad!" There are never any news reports or commercials on what to do when the holiday is celebrating a person you have lost. Last night I wondered how people before me have dealt with this. The silver lining is that I know I am not the first nor the last person to deal with this, and that offers me minimal solace. Thanks to a good friend, I have started brainstorming ways that I can remember and honor my dad on Father's Day instead of shrinking and ignoring it, which was my previous plan. 

Last night I did some research and I found a good article that lists several ways to remember a loved one on a special holiday. Below you will find the link to the full article, and here are a few ideas that stood out to me.
  • Do something that the person enjoyed doing.
  • Donate to a charity that the person supported or would have supported. This is a way to honor the loved one and help someone else at the same time, giving the gift additional purpose.
  • Talk about the person openly with friends and family.
  • Write a letter to the person. Tell them what has been happening in your life. You can keep the letter in a special place.

For the full article, please visit: Suite 101.

In adidition, the Wendt Center in Washington, DC has an Annual Butterfly Release that will take place this Saturday, June 8, 2013 from 2 pm - 5 pm. To purchase a butterfly and for more information, please visit The Wendt Center for Loss and Grief. For those unable to make the butterfly release, Wendt Center also has an online Forget-Me-Not Garden, where you can post a picture of your loved one and share stories about them. Details can be found on the previously mentioned website.

If anyone has suggestions for how to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially on a holiday, please reply and leave a comment so that others can benefit from it. Thank you.

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