Here are my goals for the new year - my 31st year!! I have already set a reminder to review my goals on the 28th of each month, to make sure that I stay on track, measure my success, and make adjustments as necessary. I have chosen to create goals in several different areas: financial, spiritual, educational, fitness/health, and emotional/mental health. These areas are my priorities for living my best life in 2013.

Financial: This is an area I have been improving since Fall 2012. As I mentioned in my "Reflections on 2012" post, I paid off my credit card debt and set a budget. My finances took a hit when I had to fly home unexpectedly, so this year I will make an even greater effort to stick to my budget and make sure I have emergency funds.
  • Tithe 10% of my income for 12 consecutive months.
  • Continue my ExodusCry Partnership for 12 consecutive months.
  • Save for 3 months of my emergency fund by December 2013. (specific amount is recorded on my personal budget sheet).
  • Increase my credit by paying off my PLOC by March 2013.
  • Monitor my accounts and budget on a daily basis. Prior to making a splurge purchase, make sure that I have met all of my other financial goals.

Spiritual: an area that I have not remained consistent in due to being overcommitted in the past.
  • Attend church regularly (at least 3 Sundays per month) for worship and fellowship. 
  • Wake up at 5:30 am to read my Bible, pray, and exercise on weekdays.
  • Complete the 40 Day Prayer Challenge w/Journal and 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor w/DVD.
  • Regularly participate in SE neighborhood outreach with Small Group on Saturdays (at least 3 per month). One small group per semester. Do not over-commit!

Educational: I love learning! I don't want this area to lag just because I am no longer a formal student.
  • Read one book each month (minimum). Select from a variety of books (fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, biographies, etc.).

Fitness & Health:
This will be one of the biggest challenges, yet if I succeed in this area I am sure I will
see huge gains in my mood and energy levels. My ultimate health goal for
the year is to lose weight and get healthy enough to end my dependence on the
CPAP Machine and overcome obstructive sleep apnea. I plan to accomplish this
goal through the following methods.

  • Set a realistic bedtime to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Studies show
    that lack of sleep hinders the weight loss process.

  • Use my cpap machine every night. Keep up with my sleepdoc appointments.

  • Have a physical/check-up with my primary care physicians. Meet with a
    nutritionist and an allergist.

  • Decrease the artificial/fake foods in my diet, especially foods containing
    high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and added chemicals. Increase the
    amount of whole foods in my diet to include vegetables and fruit. Eliminate pork
    and beef from my diet. Find healthy sources of protein.

  • Cook dinner, pack lunches Monday-Friday. This is a financial goal as much as
    a health goal! If I am eating out too much, I have less control over my healthy
    food options, and I am spending too much money.

Emotional/Mental: I want to
be at my healthiest so I can help others. Self-care!

  • Say NO to new commitments. Honor the commitments I have.

  • Continue pastoral counseling to deal with grieving the loss of my dad.

  • Journal before bed to clear my thoughts to facilitate better rest.

  • Keep an ordered home by creating a home management binder to review on a
    weekly basis. When my home is organized and decluttered, I feel a whole lot

  • Stick to my AM and PM routines for optimal health. This includes waking up
    to do Bible Study and exercise before work, and winding down for bed at

This area is more of a soft goal and less of a priority. I
am interested in making homemade beauty products instead of buying overpriced
and sometimes harsh, chemical-laden store bought products (such as body
products, cleaning products, and detergents). I also want to continue with my
crafting group, as much as our schedules will allow. However, I will work
towards this goal as long as I am spending my time wisely in all of my other

I recently picked up the January copy of the All You
Magazine. One article talked about how three women changed their lives, all with
the support of online or in-person support groups. I think we underestimate the
power of having cheerleaders on our team when we are trying to accomplish
something. I am guilty of this as well. At times, I am hesitant to share my
goals and dreams for fear of being mocked and unsupported. But mostly I am
hesitant for fear of failure. After reading this article, I appreciate and
understand how having a support system can spur me on to greater heights.
Telling others also helps with accountability! I look forward to the journey! I
will post these goals around my apartment, at work, and in my wallet so that I
have constant reminders of what I am working towards. I know all of it won't be
easy - the good things in life never are. But I want to try. One thing that
links together all of my goals? Better time management. The biggest thing I have
come to realize is that I need to change my eating and exercise patterns so that
I can live a more fulfilled life where I can accomplish my dreams. 2013 is a
year of dreaming big and bringing those dreams to reality. Let's go!
What are your goals and plans for the new year? What support have you enlisted to accomplish those goals? What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

01/11/2013 6:22pm

Wow Stacy - these area really impressive goals. I think I may have to steal a few. I'm really inspired by your approach to holistic health. Love ya lady!


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