Happy Monday! 

Update on my Early-to-Rise Challenge. Although I did not post on Friday, I did rise early. 3:oo AM to be exact. I had to catch the shuttle for my super stealth flight to Memphis. I surprised my family for the weekend. So please forgive me for not being coherent enough to post at that hour of the day!

Key point of the day from Friday's reading (which I did complete!): Our best ideas come to us early in the day. Andy Traub encourages us to wake up early to meet our good ideas. My ultimate goal is to rise at 5 AM on Weekdays to do prayer, devotion, breakfast & coffee at home before work. So far I am up to 5:45. Woohoo! Baby steppin' with Bob!

I am not doing the challenge on weekends, and I took today off for vacay, so I will pick back up with the readings and posts on tomorrow morning when I am back in DC. Enjoy the day!

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