Hey Y'all, 

Please forgive me for my extended absence! My intentions were good but life got the best of me for the past month and  a half, and I have not had a chance to write. What have I been doing with my time, you ask? Well, a better question might be what haven't I been doing!

My spring is off to a great start, beginning with a trip to the Nats vs. Cubs game at the Nationals Stadium. Although we lost, I had a fun time visiting with friends and a coworker, who taught me about the game of baseball. To top it off, we had great seats, courtesy of my job. Thanks DC-CAP!

I have also been perfecting my culinary skills. Just a few months ago, I was buying pizza dough and pasta sauce in a jar for my "homemade pizzas." Now, with the help of some good base recipes, I make my dough from scratch (All You Magazine) as well as my own pizza sauce (courtesy of my good friend Sarah). Thankfully, both have turned out well, and they taste delicious! I won't put Papa John's out of business anytime soon, but they are good enough for me! Thanks to Hip2Save, I now have my own recipe for coffee creamer that I flavor with almond extract. No more store bought coffee creamer for me! Instead of a list of ingredients, my creamer now only consists of milk, sugar, and flavor. This has been a month of food experiments that have mostly turned out well. Only one fail which was the lentil vegetable soup. Not sure why but the soups just aren't working for me. I will stick to pizzas! The freezer biscuits turned out well but they don't cook well after they thaw. I may need to try another recipe, or just use the one I have and bake them immediately instead of trying to freeze them for later. Let me know if you have any tips on homemade biscuits (or soup) to further my culinary progress.

This past weekend, I visited a good friend who lives in Baltimore, MD. She invited me to a Tulip Dig in Sherwood Gardens. As much as I love flowers and plants, I jumped at the opportunity to go! Sadly, I found out tulips cannot be planted indoors. Hey, I said I like plants, I never said I was an expert! I decided to take them to my mom for her garden on my next trip home. :) From what I can tell, this seems to be a special event at Sherwood Gardens every year, and I could not find any other digs in the area. If you know of any, please let me know! We had so much fun! Different colors of tulips were in different sections of the park, so it was exciting to go to each different area. I can't wait to help mom plant them in the fall and see them bloom next spring! After all, I worked hard -- Getting those delicate bulbs out of the ground was not easy. We brought hand shovels instead of the real deal, which would have been more productive and less time consuming.  I hope to make this an annual tradition, and next year I will be better prepared. And who knows, maybe I'll have my own house and garden by then. :)
What fun things have you been up to?

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