Thanks to my awesome fellow blogger Sara at Fake It Til You Make It, I have been nominated for the Liebster "Up and Coming Blogger" Award! I'm so excited and honored to be nominated :) Here are the rules: Nominees must tell 11 things about themselves, answer 11 questions, then nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions of their own. Sounds like a lot but I think it's just a big part of the "getting to know you" game. Blogs must have 200 or fewer subscribers. So what are we waiting for - let's get this party started!

11 Things About Me....

1. When I was born, there were 8/9 feet of snow on the ground in Memphis. I don't think this has happened since.
2. I have a weird food thing. I eat raw fruit (apples, cherries, peaches, etc.) but I won't eat baked fruit (apple pie, cherry pie, peach cobbler, etc.). I know it sounds weird but I am NOT a fan of mushy fruit. Just a weird quirk I have.
3. I love Christmas music. Any ol' time of the year :)
4. My dream is to have a massive library in my home one day. Judging by my overflowing bookcase, table, dresser, lamp stand, and bed, I am well on my way.
5. I quote random movies, at random times, often to myself. I can guarantee most people usually don't get my references though. What can I say, I'm a tad eccentric.
6. Apparently I'm a long-winded writer.
7. I like to look up words I don't know. Like Liebster, which apparently is German for "favorite." My favorite new word: mesalliance. Thanks,
Downton Abbey.
8. I love all the Harry Potter movies.
9. I enjoy karaoke but I'm always nervous when I do it! I always want to sing ABBA's Super Trouper (which I tend to forget while I am there) or Gladys Knight's Midnight Train to Georgia LOL.
10. One of my favorite quotes comes from Their Eyes Were Watching God. "Janie's first dream was dead, so she became a woman."
11. I write (but rarely share) poetry.
My 11 Questions

1. Did any blogs inspire me to start blogging? Yes! I started a blog a couple of years ago but I didn't really commit to it, so neglected it was. Recently, I was re-inspired to blog by Sara at Fake It Till You Make It. Thanks for being my blogging inspiration Sara!!
2. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Hands down, my 
dream trip is to Italy! When I was in high school, my art teacher took us on an  
outing. At the end of the day she gave us a treat - we each got to choose 
one poster to take home with us for inspiration. I chose a beautiful
panoramic photo of Venice. Since that day, I have dreamt of taking that
gondola ride. I want to visit other places in Italy (and the world), but
this is my #1 dream spot.
3. Imagine you have 1 million dollars that has to be given away to one person. Who would that be? My mom of course :) Do you mean other than my mom? Maybe I would give the money all to myself - then I could choose to divide it between all my favorite charities - the church, American Diabetes Association, St. Jude, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Probably become a sponsor for Generation Hope Scholars. After all, 'tis better to give.
4. What is your favorite movie?
Don't have just one. Top of the list: King Arthur, Nanny McPhee, The Count of Monte Cristo, and of course all the Harry Potter Movies!
5. What is your dream job?
I would love Samantha Brown's job. She gets to  travel to some beautiful places, see historic places, take off the beaten path tours, and report back on luxurious hotel stays! And let's not forget the food. What's not to love?!
6. What is your favorite holiday song? Carol of the Bells.
7. Have you ever had a celebrity crush? Always! Idris Elba, Clive  Owen
8. Salty or sweet? Sweet...unless it's sweet and salty popcorn :)
9. What is your favorite band/artist?
Like the movies, I can't name just one! I love Maroon 5, Katy Perry (no judgment lol), and Ray LaMontagne (have you heard his voice?!)
10. What are you currently reading?
Aside from O Magazine, right now I'm taking it light on reading. The next book I plan to read is Drawing the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge, written by my Pastor Mark Batterson.
11. How has writing a blog helped you personally? 
I'm still new at this but so far it has helped me forge a path to a possible writing career. Some days I think, I want to write something grand that everyone will love. Today I have decided. Writing this blog, is going to be just for me. I may end up with 100 readers or none. But it will be for me, come what may.

So, there you have it! Next post I will nominate 11 Up and Coming Bloggers as well as ask them 11 questions of my own.


12/17/2012 11:58pm

Stacy! I loved your answers! And now I can't get Carol of the Bells out of my head :) I'm so glad we've reconnected lately!

12/18/2012 1:22am

Thanks Sara! I had fun answering the questions. Now it will be fun to find 11 people to nominate :) I started watching MAMMA MIA after the ABBA reference came to mind. lol I'm glad too - I missed our chats and get togethers!


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